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Free perks with every tire installationFree perks with every tire

Tireman is a proud leader in tires and wheels. Our team of automotive experts is committed to getting you "Out The Door" with our tire installation package. The fee for installation includes the following free services:

Free Lifetime alignment checks
Bring your vehicle in anytime for a free alignment check. Your car's wheel alignment is essential to extending your tires’ and wheels' performance, and is vital to its steering performance. Your alignment should be checked every six months or 6,000 miles to keep your tires in perfect parallel. This will help maximize the life of your tires and lower the cost of long-term maintenance.

Free Lifetime tire rotations
Regular rotations help achieve more uniform tread wear on all your tires. Your vehicle owner's manual is the best resource for a recommended rotation pattern. We recommend having this service every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, or sooner if uneven tread wear begins to appear. If uneven tread wear is apparent, it is best to have one of our experts check and correct any alignment or other mechanical problems before rotation. This is true for both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles. Full-size spare tires should be included in the rotation pattern for your vehicle. Compact spares (temporary use spares) should not be included in the rotation pattern.

Free Lifetime spin balancing
Every time a tire is fitted to a wheel, it should be balanced. At high speeds, tires generate enormous centrifugal forces. Even tiny irregularities are multiplied by many orders of magnitude. Such imbalance stresses tires and suspension. This weight irregularity is tested and balanced by Tireman. Free Lifetime Spin Balancing does not apply to seasonal tire changeovers.

Free Lifetime flat repairs
You can count on us when you need free flat repairs. We'll fix your tire and get you back on the road.

Free Tire disposal
We'll properly dispose of your old tires in an environmentally sound manner by recycling them.

Free Mounting
Your tires are professionally mounted by Tireman's expert tire installers. After initial tire mounting, charges will apply for seasonal tire changeovers.

Free Rubber valve stems
Although a small part of the tire and wheel assembly, the rubber valve stem is one of the most important parts. The rubber valve stem is what keeps the air in the tire. If the valve stem doesn't seal properly or leaks, the loss of air pressure can cause the tire to go flat or run hot.

Free Hand torque of wheels
Many stores rely only on an air wrench to mount your tires and wheels. At Tireman, we go one step further, by hand torquing each lug nut to ensure that your tire and wheel assembly are securely fastened.

Find the Tireman location nearest you and speak with one of our tire experts today about the features and benefits of our installation package.

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