Car Care Tips

Car Care Tips
The view of a shock and brake pad underneath the vehicle.

Get your ride winter readyGet your ride winter ready

Making sure your vehicle is ready for the cold weather is critical to you and your family's safety on the road. From the tires to the brakes and batteries, you want to make sure it is in great condition this winter season.

The owner's manual is the best place to start when it comes to proper maintenance because every vehicle is unique. And our guys are here to make sure your vehicle's repair and maintenance needs meet the manufacturer's standards.

Here are a few car care tips to keep your vehicle ready for the road:


Our guys are here to make sure your battery is working properly. Extreme summer temperatures can drain it, impacting its ability to perform for you in the cold season. If it's not working properly, Interstate Batteries deliver long-lasting, maximum performance in the toughest conditions.


As the temperature drops and road conditions change, you want your tires to be able to handle the elements. Making sure your tires are properly aligned, inflated and rotated is an important factor to your family's safety as well as checking the tread depth. Belle Tire has FREE AIR machines available if it's time to fill them, and you can also come in for a free alignment check and we'll assess your tires' wear so you are fully aware if they are working optimally for you this winter. If it's time for a new set, we'll make sure to find you the best tires for your budget and driving needs.

When you purchase at Belle Tire, your tires get a lifetime of free perks including free rotations, alignment checks, flat repairs and much more. Learn more here.


Keeping your washer fluid filled and replacing your wipers will allow you have great visibility in elements such as rain and snow.

You also want to check other fluids such as the coolant level when your engine is cool, brakes and powering steering fluids, and make sure to get regular oil changes. Keep in mind the “every 3,000 miles or six months” rule doesn't apply for newer vehicles. Check your owner's manual for recommendations and remember synthetic oil typically has a longer life than traditional motor oil.

Emergency Road Kit

Time to update your kit with a few items for the season:

  • Flashlight with extra batteries

  • Jumper cables

  • Drinking water

  • First-aid kit

  • Non-perishable snacks

  • Blankets

  • Remember to add gloves and hats and other clothing items to help keep warm in case of an emergency

  • Ice scraper

  • Shovel

Find the location nearest you to have our guys inspect your vehicle and make sure you are ready for the icy, wet and snow-filled roads of the season.