Suspension basics

Suspension basics
Shocks test

Worn parts decrease safety and increase expensesWorn parts decrease safety and increase expenses

Effects are gradual, you may not realize loss of control and stopping distance. Accelerated tire wear and decreased fuel efficiency are also reasons to get a free inspection at Tireman.

What is a shock?

Shocks are the hydraulic components that help minimize movement of the springs in your suspension by absorbing any jolts you might feel. By softening impacts, shocks deliver better vehicle control and a smoother driving experience.

monroe strut

What is a strut?

Put simply, the strut is the structural component that serves as the connection point between the wheel and the vehicle body. It consists primarily of a coil spring and a shock absorber to support the vehicle’s weight while absorbing surface impacts.

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Shocks vs struts. What’s the difference?

A shock is simply one part of the strut, and the strut is what connects the wheel to the vehicle body. Both work to create a better ride, but shocks work to smooth out the movement of the coil spring while struts help support the weight of the entire vehicle.

The view of a shock and brake pad underneath the vehicle.
A Belle Tire tech in a red shirt and wearing safety glasses is inspecting struts with a flashlight. He’s speaking with a Belle Tire customer.

Maintenance for shocks and struts

No matter how smooth or bumpy your local roads are, shocks and struts will wear out. Check your owner’s manual for more specifics, but it’s usually recommended that you have them inspected or replaced after about 50,000 miles.

How much does it cost to replace shocks & struts?

Depending on your vehicle and the specific parts it requires, the cost of these replacements can vary. Typically, an individual shock and strut replacement could cost anywhere from $400 to $1200, including labor.


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Don’t keep your new tires waiting.

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