Advantages of this planAdvantages of this plan

Wheel alignments are recommended at least twice a year, or every 6,000 miles, in order to maintain the safety of your vehicle, proactively prevent premature tire wear and prevent other more costly suspension repairs down the road.

For a small fee and the purchase of a wheel alignment, you’ll qualify for unlimited alignments for the next 12 months.* You can save up to $144 in wheel alignment costs over the year, and avoid the cost of replacing tires prematurely.  Misaligned tires can be disastrous to tire wear causing feathering, camber and heel and toe wear that can burn through tires in less than a year.

Wheel alignments can also improve gas mileage. Tires that are out of alignment force the vehicle to work harder and can reduce gas mileage by 10%. 

There are several safety benefits associated with having your tires aligned. For example, your vehicle may pull to the left or right when it is not aligned, properly. You may also experience steering and suspension issues that may compromise your safety and control on the road. Having your vehicle set in place, your steering wheel centered, and all four wheels set parallel allows you to have a safer driving experience.

* If additional parts are required to restore the vehicle to manufacturer’s alignment specifications, the parts and labor required for installation are not covered under the Alignment Protection Plan. These may require additional costs.