Boost your MPG

Boost your MPG

Here are some easy tips to help you save at the pump.

Here are some easy tips to help you save at the pump.

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You could be wasting up to a quarter tank of gasYou could be wasting up to a quarter tank of gas

Underinflated tires can waste 10%

Missed oil changes can waste 2%

Maintenance like oxygen sensor replacement can waste 4%

Improper alignment can waste 10%

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Top off those tire pressures

A tire that’s underinflated by 10 psi knocks over 3% off your fuel economy. Multiply that by 4 and we’re talking about a big hit to your wallet every time you fill up. Tires can lose up to 2 psi per month, so keeping an eye on your pressures is a simple way to get more miles out of every gallon. And remember, air is always FREE at Belle Tire.

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Upgrade your oil

If you’re not using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil, you’re paying more at the pump than you should. Just putting 10W-30 in an engine made for 5W-30 can knock 2% off of your MPG. There are also special “Energy Conserving” oils that can reduce friction even more.

Common sense for sensors

Checking the condition of your oxygen sensor can help ensure you’re not shelling out more for fuel than you should. These sensors track combustion efficiency, but they also degrade over time, resulting in up to 15% fewer MPG. Don’t wait for it to fail. Belle Tire can check it for you today!

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Keep your eye on alignment

Set your wheels straight and get more miles per gallon. Rather than roll freely, misaligned tires drag, forcing the engine to work harder and burn more fuel. Boost your gas mileage by as much as 10% when you let get everything pointed in the right direction. Not sure if your vehicle is out of alignment? No problem, just swing by your local Belle Tire for a FREE Alignment check.

Find your balance

Tires that are out of balance can shake up more than your steering wheel, your wallet can also take a hit. Uneven tire wear caused by unbalanced tires results in poorer fuel economy. Let's get them in balance, so you can start squeezing more miles out of every fill up.

Tire balance Fuel EFF

Good suspension $aves

A loose suspension system forces your engine to work harder to maintain your speed. And as we’ve seen, a harder-working engine burns more fuel faster. Save at the pump by letting a Belle Tire specialist take a look and make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

Bad brakes are a drag

Once your brake calipers start to bind to the rotor, they make your engine work overtime to keep up with your accelerator. This means more fuel is burned faster than it would otherwise. We can inspect the calipers to make sure dragging brakes aren’t dragging down your MPG.

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A spark plug solution

Misfiring spark plugs could be doing a lot more damage than you think. By some estimates, they could reduce fuel economy by a whopping 30%. With today’s fuel prices, that’s a small fortune. If you notice a sudden drop in your usual MPG, it might be time to swing by and let one of our certified technichicans to take a look.

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  • Alignment impact:

  • Tire Inflation impact: Four tires that are underinflated by 10 psi, then, would reduce a vehicle's fuel economy by a substantial 10% found here

  • Oxygen sensor and oil impact:

Valued using the average gas price of $5.26 found across Belle Tire key markets sourced on 6/7/22 from including Illinois $5.45, Michigan $5.17, and Indiana $5.15.

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