Re-Tire Your Ride with Michelin and BFGoodrich!

by Tireman Info 5. February 2013 15:59



Re-Tire Your Ride!

by Tireman Info 1. February 2013 11:15



Tireman Auto Service Centers Announces New Location In Oregon, Ohio

by Tireman Info 31. January 2013 12:53

Nearby Deteriorating Woodville Mall Site No Longer Fits Image

TOLEDO, Ohio - (January 28, 2013) - Tireman Auto Service Centers, located in Ohio and Michigan, is set to open a new location at 3608 Navarre Avenue in Oregon, Ohio. The new store is being built to allow a move from the existing Woodville Mall location in Northwood, Ohio.  The move is expected to be completed by July, 2013.

“Due to the deteriorating condition of the Woodville Mall and accompanying parking lot, the current site in Northwood, Ohio no longer fits our company image”, said Randy Jones, President of Tireman Auto Service Centers.  “We look forward to providing our current Northwood and Oregon area customers with a brand new facility, just a couple miles away on Navarre Avenue”, Mr. Jones went on to say.

The new store will be another “green” auto center for Tireman, similar to their newest facility in Findlay, Ohio.  All oil and lubricants, scrap tires, freon and antifreeze will be taken off site and recycled. Even the store’s hoists are planned to be operated using water instead of hydraulic fluid.

Established in 1948, Tireman Auto Service Centers is locally owned and provides complete automotive service for all makes and models, including alignments, brake service, suspension repairs, and other mechanical repairs on all makes and models. Tireman also carries a wide variety of replacement tires, including Michelin, Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Cooper, Uniroyal, and a host of value brands. The Oregon location will be the newest of 17 locations in Ohio and Michigan.

To learn more about Tireman Auto Service Centers, please call Randy Jones, 419-724-8510 at 1549 Campbell Street in Toledo, or visit



Wet Driving Tips

by Tireman Info 4. January 2013 12:52

When it comes to wet driving, the right tire can make all the difference. Choose your tire technology wisely and make sure you check your tread depth and air pressure once a month.

Sliding can happen very easily on wet roads. The best way to avoid sliding is to drive slower in the rain and maintain proper tread depth and air pressure. Slow driving allows for better contact with the road and more traction. To stop sliding, gently lift off the gas pedal and slow down to regain traction.

Make sure you stay farther behind the cars in front of you during wet driving. Doubling the distance is a general rule of thumb because your braking distance will be much greater than on dry roads and you'll need the extra time to stop safely.

Hydroplaning occurs when your tires can't push the water out fast enough to maintain grip. It can occur because your tires don't have the proper tread depth. If you find yourself hydroplaning, don't slam on the brakes - easy off the gas gently until you slow down and gain control.



Winter Driving Tips - Turning

by Tireman Info 28. December 2012 11:04

Why is your vehicle not turning in the direction you want?

Reason #1: You brake and lock the wheels while turning.

Reason #2: You accelerate too suddenly, making the front wheels spin.

Reason #3: You go too fast into a turn.

In each case, adapt your driving technique and speed based on the road conditions. Things will go much smoother.



Winter Driving Tips - Braking

by Tireman Info 21. December 2012 11:26

Michelin provides some helpful tips for braking in winter conditions.



Two Tire Rotation

by Tireman Info 21. December 2012 11:16

If you're only purchasing two new tires, the new tires should always be mounted on the rear of the vehicle. In this video, Michelin explains why.



Winter Driving Tips - Acceleration

by Tireman Info 21. December 2012 11:11

Michelin provides some helpful tips for acceleration in winter driving conditions.



Michelin® X-Ice® Xi3

by Tireman Info 21. December 2012 11:08

Learn about the Michelin X-Ice Xi3.



Tireman and ISOH/IMPACT Team Up for Hurricane Relief

by Tireman Info 31. October 2012 09:09

Hurricane Sandy continues to wreak havoc throughout the eastern and Midwest states while hundreds of thousands are without power, flood waters are still rising in many areas, and damaging winds continue to batter the country. For many, the tedious process of recovery will take weeks, months and even years.

By partnering with Tireman and ISOH/IMPACT in the recovery process, you will offer hope and healing to those who are struggling to comprehend how to being rebuilding their lives. We encourage you to make a difference by donating to ISOH/IMPACT's disaster relief fund, supporting the Bucket Brigade with much-needed relief supplies, or volunteering at the distribution center in Waterville, OH.

Items needed most:

  • new blankets and sleeping bags
  • tarps
  • canned and nonperishable food items
  • personal care items
  • first aid supplies
  • pet supplies
  • baby care items
  • bottled water

Also accepted are flashlights, batteries, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, bottled water, brooms, mops, rakes, shovels (including snow shovels), box fans, shop vacs and portable generators.

**Please, no glass items or clothing.

A monetary donation of just $35 or more will help fill, ship and distribute a bucket of relief supplies to someone in need. For more information on ISOH/IMPACT's Bucket Brigade or how to pack a bucket, visit

Donations can be dropped off at any Toledo area Tireman Auto Service Center or at ISOH/IMPACT's distribution center located at 905 Farnsworth Rd. in Waterville, OH. There is a P.O.D.S. container onsite at the Waterville location for 24/7 drop-offs. For large scale corporate and manufacturing donations, please contact the ISOH/IMPACT offices to make the necessary arrangements. Monetary donations can be made online or sent directly to the ISOH/IMPACT offices at 25182 W. River Rd., Perrysburg, OH 43551. For more information, contact or call 419-878-8548.


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