Does your vehicle bounce on roadways and slide on wet surfaces? Get a free inpsection of your shocks and struts from your local Tireman store.

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Shocks and struts are important in keeping your car, truck or SUV in proper contact with road. You might first notice an uncomfortable ride performance with bouncing and rocking, but comfort isn’t the only benefit to new shocks and struts. Better braking and the reduction of skidding on wet surfaces are benefits too.

Like all car parts, shocks and struts suffer from wear and tear and should be inspected on a regular basis. Regular inspections help prevent more serious and expensive damage to your steering and suspension system.

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Get expert shocks and struts replacement for your car, truck or SUV from the certified technicians at Tireman and our line of MonroeTM brand parts.

The inspection of your shocks and struts is the first step in determining if replacement is needed. If your vehicle requires repair, Tireman trained technicians will recommend the correct MonroeTM shocks or struts for your vehicle’s make and model, along with a detailed estimate and non-technical explanation of the services needed.

Additionally, you get peace of mind with our shocks and struts warranty. It covers parts and labor on the installation of your shocks or struts until you sell your vehicle.

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